Thursday, 21 March 2013

The "NO RICE" diet

You know, we always say "I've gain so much weight, I should reduce my rice intake". But why rice is always being blamed as the cause of weight gain??

I know why.

A cup of cooked rice has about 200 to 250 calories (depend on the type of rice). Knowing we Malaysians eat too much rice, a cup of rice is for a plate. We usually had at least two plates each time we eat. Orang kata makan mesti bertambah. Ok we added another 250 calories in it. And the side dishes,  your favourite curry, asam pedas, masak lemak, the fried chicken etc etc. You probably end up with 800 calories per meal. gosssh!!!

I try jugak lah this No Rice diet, for few days hehe. I just had sandwich for breakfast and lunch (at office),  noodles soup for dinner at home(the no oil base soup - main rebus je) and just drizzled some olive oil or sesame oil orang kata nak membuka selera :). Okaylah untuk tahan rasa lapar even though I struggle so much before bed sebab masa tu lah perut akan rasa lapar sangat dan kalau tak tahan iman boleh jadi I drive kereta malam malam ke mamak :D. But so far iman masih tebal hehehe..
To fight off the hunger before bed syndrome, I drink a glass of water diluted with apple cider vinegar with honey. Yes it help! Remember, always rinse your mouth and brush your teeth after consuming apple cider vinegar. The acids in apple cider vinegar can wear away the enamel on your teeth.

For how long can we completely ignore rice? I know sooner or later I will go back to rice. But at least I know how to control the amount intake most of all to control the hunger. 

So the rice is not the culprit, its the amount of rice we consume. If you think you can control rice intake, just go ahead!

Just to share some of my foods during the "No Rice" diet.

Spinach soup noodle

Chicken Laksa without coconut milk
Chicken laksa

Vietnamese Soup Noodles
Vietnamese noodles

Grill chicken, salad and mashed potato.


  1. Im trying a no rice and no fried food diet too! I just started a couple of days ago. Hopefully i lose all d unwanted fats soon! :)

  2. Hi @Lonely Pinay... did you achieve your goal with the kind of diet you have?

    1. Hi hannaris! I started the no rice diet June of 2013 so after almost 9 mos yes very effective sha! I lost 60 lbs! I avoided fried foods na din and sodas! Mahirap at first but it's all worth it :)

  3. Sedapnye Vietnamese Soup Noodles, ada resepi tak dear?