Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The law of sacrifice

Typical women, ada mood pada hari tertentu, dia akan craving yang bukan bukan! Yes I craving for cake since last week!!!!!!! - obviously not benda yg bukan bukan :D 

I'm not a sweet tooth, but I tak boleh tengok cake, kalau setakat butter cake, any type of plain cakes, I boleh tahan sekadar menjeling je, but not layer cakes, with decorations on it, with chocolates, glazes, cherries or anything colourful on it, ye ye aje boleh potong masuk pinggan dan ngap and there goes my diet kahkahkah

But of course, you dont get anything you want easily. 

The law of sacrifice.  To forfeit something for something else considered to have a greater value. So lunch is something I have to giving up today, as I think a slice of chocolate banana cake from secret recipe is worth more.

It turns out, the cake is so damn x sedap, the only thing yang sedap was just the banana which of course la secret recipe petik dari pokok je. The cake they made not up to the the standard of RM 7.++ per slice!.

Hessssshhh i could have just bought bihun tomyam yang sedap tu saje for lunch sobs sobs sobs!!


  1. Ehh, awat tak sedap pulak? Yg kat sini sedap ok ja? Tapi yg kat sini takdak menda kaler hijau merah kat atas tu & they definitely slice the cakes nicer here..yg tu nampak depa slice comot sket kan..

  2. kak dinas, kalau makan dgn kak dinas mesti sedap kot hehehehehe