Monday, 25 February 2013

How I met you....

The title's a bit of a cliche right? but it explains all..

August 2002
First time you call my number, you just keep quite. I thought you are a psychopath.  We then realized that both our best friends who matchmaking us by exchange our phone number. Then we start flirted and fooled around through phones and sms! hahah.. We exchange photos through mail,love letters and we've met couple times.

16th Feb 2003
That was the first time you said, I love you inside one souvenir shop under Heart Shaped lights in Alor Setar. 2 days after valentine (that time we dont know that its haram to celebrate valentine's day haha!).. That souvenir shop filled with valentine's day merchandise like Heart Shaped lights  hanging everywhere. What a romantic place to say I love You!! haha.. It was not what I expected. I nearly chocked. Of course I want you so much, but that time, I was so scared of the commitment and the risk, that what if, if we were broke up, my heart must be tormented and torn apart. What if I broke your heart, I'd lose you as my good friends. How to deal with that. How to love you, I dont know how to love you. We both don't have the experience . I was so scared that I didn't reply you.  Back at college, I still can believe,  hardly pinch myself because I must be dreaming haha.. Soon I realized that you are the one for me, the perfect tall, dark and handsome boy. The time when I was so down and thought no one care about me,  and you silently care. When we were sitting close to each other and I thought my heart was the only thing that beat fast, your secretly did. when I thought I was ugly and should disappear, you thought I was the prettiest and would always want to see me. All of that happened when I thought badly of myself, you was actually around for me.

And the rest is history :)

After 9 years dating, we entered a commitment. :)

Thanks Allah for great journey, for the great man whom I admire and respect. He is kind, thoughtful and loving friend and Husband. I'm truly blessed.
There's ups and downs, through the good and the bad, Still love the way he talk, and he still love the way I get mad hahaha!!

Lesson I've learnt along the way is that being in love is not always a bed of roses. In every relationship, there are ups and downs. It is not always perfect and conflict-free. We are not living in fairy tale world.

We have to face the reality, there will be fights and arguments  We take the risk and we learn to minimize the risk. . It doesn't matter how long you've been alone, how long you've hoped, or how long you've waited. There’s no such thing as perfect love story. Heartaches will always be a part of loving, but remember.. though not perfect.. if that love is meant for you, it will stick with you till the end. No matter how tough it gets, no matter how long. Far from perfect; but real. And there is no perfect relationship. Bullshit will come up when you least expect it. Jealousy will come out of nowhere. At times you will feel replaced and at times you will feel like giving up. Just don't go that far. Don't give up. You'll argue, and you won't talk for days, but nobody says it has to be over.

To DH, we've been through all the good times and hard times, and I hope our love and passion will lasts forever till Jannah.. And may we be blessed with Soleh & Solehah kids.. Praying (and working) hard everyday! And together, Allah's grace, we will continue our journey forward.. :)

Happy 10th years anniversary!

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