Sunday, 10 November 2013

They grow up so fast!!

My baby furkids were about 8 months old now.  We got the two of them on June, from DH's friend.

 One day they'll sleep for 24 hours, the next three they'll be on a cocaine-like frenzy, bouncing off the walls and lompat sana sini,  kacau Mak Tok (my mom) nak masak.. They are getting noticeably bigger now too, and is so curious and inquisitive. They keep getting lost in the house, and outside the house too. Risau kena kidnap je dengan budak budak. Selalu doa, jgn lah hilang lagi.

That big, giant black furrball is Shade Dempoi (Dempoi gemuk sangat sebab suka makan). And the hyperactive and cheeky with grey strips is Grey Nyonyot (suka nyonyot baju orang).

Comel kan budak budak 2 ekor ni. My Mom, adik adik pun dah sayang sangat. My mom treat them macam cucu sendiri hehehe...





The picture below is the one I took the day we brought them home.  They was so small and sweet and precious ....



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