Sunday, 28 July 2013

How a husband's friends can break a marriage

Occay, the title a little bit cliché right? hehehe.. I think by now, I’m old enough to learn that marriage is not always a bed of roses. There are ups and downs. There's not always about sunshine and rainbow. There will be storms and thunders too heheh..  Marriage is a responsibility from day one!

Totally understand a guy need some time with the boys, futsal, fishing whatever just to shoot the breeze. That kind of needs that can't be met by a wife ( hello i pun suka mancing tau, tang futsal tu maybe mengah sikit :D)

I'm still in the learning stage of becoming a perfect wife.  Jika dapat disamakan dengan proses pembesaran baby, yours truly is at the crawling part lah kot... ;D

I hate to say this. I jealous of my husband friends. Straight from my heart ni hahaha..

Bukan cemburu apa, my husband's friends semuanya lelaki :p.. so no point lah I nak jeles yang bukan bukan. But I really envy the time they always had with my husband. You know, that kind of bonding, the football game at mamak, the teh tarik happy hour, the futsal game, badminton etc etc.. something which I always miss because we are living apart. At first I thought maybe in this PJJ (long distance) marriage, this is the challenge i have to face. Tapi eventually its really eating me inside out. The worse is, I started to hate all of his friends. Sigh.

The moment I call him late nite, just to say how much I miss him, and just to mengadu how was my day.. he said, his friends is outside the house, he had to entertain them... :-|

The moment I saw a romantic movie on air and I wish that we could watch the movie together, so I text him Syg lets watch this movie together, and he replied, on boat, fishing. arghhhh tak ke bengang

I feel that I'm such a bad bad bad person, jeles dan marah kat kawan dia yang tak bersalah tu, (really ke tak bersalah?) Explanation kat bawah.

I dont know who to blame. Myself? yg terlalu nak perhatian, of coz la perempuan kan, mesti drama queen sikit. I think as a wife, I deserve my husband attention anyway I want hahahah tamak gila. But I ada dengar ustaz cakap di ceramah, bagi perhatian kepada isteri tu salah satu kewajipan suami melunaskan nafkah batin. You know batin ni bukan nye hal hal dalam bilik je, but something like melibatkan perasaan, dan jiwa. Err betulke ni?

Or.. it could be My husband yang tak boleh nak bezakan yang mana yg lebih penting his marriage or friends? I think he is more to tak nak kecik kan hati kawan.. ye lah kecikkan hati bini awak ni tak pe kan :-/

Or it could be his friends yang tak faham faham ke that this guy really needs to spend his time with his wife.. I dont ask much. Bukannya 24 hours nak bergayut kat telefon tu, dulu dulu boleh lah kan masa zaman cintan cintun :D. Just a short call, or just when I'am at his place, he is 100% belongs to me (tamak lagi :D). Most of his friends tak kahwin lagi, maybe sebab tu diorang tak "faham-faham"

It's become worst, kadang kadang when I ke ipoh, dah nampak ada kereta bini kat depan rumah kawan you, jgn lah tunjuk muka kan, buat buat je lah  u turn rumah you balik, ni tak, nakbagi salam nak jumpa my husband.. end up I was all alone kat bilik sampai pukul 2 pagi. esoknya my husband nak kerja, apa satu projek pun tak jadi :p hehe..

When I come to think about it, it could be possibly to my impatience. Sabar tu sabar, but I had enough. Dulu sebelum kahwin, I can tolerate, ye lah belum jadi suami takkan nak control ( eh I bukan queen control tau)

Whatever it is, DH is the best husband, he is the one who is always support and stand by me when I'm down. Friends who always bullied me (yeah I like being bullied by him heheheh). He is wonderfully patient man, who is ready to disregard my imperfections just to love me more. There are times when I feel so guilty because I can't stick with as much patience as he has for me.

I constantly remind myself that I'm blessed to have such a wonderful husband.

Its just that sometimes, I need a friend too just like he needs his friends. The time when hormones gone haywire, is the time when I need him the most... betul tak tipu. Ada orang kata kalau perempuan hormon tak betul jgn dekat dekat. Tapi kalau I lagi jauh lagi nak marah hehe..

Poor husband, kena dealing dgn isteri dia yg macam ni hehehe..

So guys, do you agree with me that our husband's friends can break the marriage? Or at least jeopardize the relationship? I think, It could.

Kepada abang-abang yang belum kahwin, tolong lah faham situasi kawan-kawan anda yang sudah berkahwin. Tak payah la nak ajak pergi memancing every weekend, lepak kat mamak malam malam macam zaman sebelum kahwin dulu. Nanti korang kahwin korang akan tau rasa dalam dilema nak jaga hati isteri atau nak jaga hati kawan, nanti tak ikut kawan digelar kena queen control pula atau TB (takut bini). Huh!

Ni entry bukan marah, tapi NASIHAT :D

Marriage is a long journey. Marriage is a lot of hard works too

May Allah fill our homes and heart with Tranquility, Love and Mercy...

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