Friday, 19 July 2013

Buka Puasa with DH

As Salam...

Husband is here. Still here, malam ni baru balik ke Ipoh. Husband is very busy lately. Sejak tukar kerja (which of course la for a better pay) he don't even have time for himself, apa lagi kat isteri dia ni... and i know he always find a way to make time for me, but its ok,  a small sacrifice you've got to make for a slightly bright future....;)

Anyway, bulan puasa i dont cook much. Excited on the first day je, second day, balik kerja terus tertidor atas sofa, sedar-sedar dah azan berbuka :D

Tapi husband balik kan, mestilah cuba masak something for him. Nasiblah dia balik on Thursday, my halfday hari tu, and then Friday, which is my week end. Today hopefully can go home early at 3.30pm.

Talking about long distance marriage ni banyak pengorbanan perlu di buat. Dari segi masa, emosi dan perasaan. I think so far i have dedicated my 100% to make this thing works. Yes! you sleep with tears almost every nite, you pray everyday, hopes in the mercy of Allah to give me the strength, give us the rezeki to stay together under one roof. And we never lose hope of Allah's mercy... Allah knows what is best for us so why should we complain. We always want sunshine but He knows there must be rain..
So whenever we're down and whenever we feel that everything is going wrong
It is just Allah's way to make our spirit strong… Allah is the best Planner,He knows what will be the best for us..

Wanna share my cooking for my darling husband, simple one, but dia cakap sedap sedap tu kira ok lah kan :D

We had chicken rice for our first buka puasa together this year... ;). The chilli sauce i made was super sedap. But the chicken was a bit overcooked :D

Bubur pulut hitam  plus masterchef plating ;P

The second day, we had Daging goreng kunyit. I used fresh kunyit, blended together with 1 tbs chilli, halia, bawang besar, dan garlic.

And Sambal Hati yang sedap sangat ;)

Anyway, today's menu is sotong and fish.. Tak tau lah nak masak apa... maybe Sotong Paprik kot :D

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