Saturday, 5 October 2013

Living apart after marriage

Living apart after marriage is like a nightmare to some people. Mine not so bad. We've been separated by 4 hours of driving. But it's hard sometimes to make out the time. The truth is it's require hard work and a full time commitment to make the marriage works. Mainly couple who are  living apart , who have to leave behind spouse, who have to live on different states because of their jobs. As for me, the main reason is family obligations. It's unavoidable. As a big sister, although my family did not put the burden on my shoulder. But I was the one who put up my hand to take up the responsibility soon after my father passed away. Just like that. It's a long story you know.

I hope that this is temporary. For the time being, a little bit mindset adjustment might help.  The way you think of marriage and a plan for staying connected to keep your marriage strong despite the distance.

123.68 miles away. Its not that much. Things will get better with time, and even the relationship will become better. Have hope.

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  1. tak pe la. berkorban skit untuk family yea. harap2 awak tak lama berjauhan dengan suami k :)